Values and Ethos

At Southall School our vision is to support our pupils, staff and wider community in ‘Branching Out to New Horizons.’ Pupils at Southall voted for this motto, one which demonstrates the holistic culture of the school.

Southall School will support pupils ‘branching out to new horizons’ by:

  • Helping each student develop their academic, social and practical abilities
    to their highest level.
  • Helping each student achieve self-confidence, initiative and independence.
  • Providing a caring, sharing and learning school community with relationships based on mutual trust and respect.
  • Providing a stimulating and exciting curriculum, that enables pupils to experience different educational, work-related and real-world environments.
  • Encourage pupils to take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour and to be a positive contributor to the school community.

At Southall, we also believe there are important values that all of our pupils will take with them when they move on to further education, work placements, the community and home. They are:

  • Be kind and support each other.
  • Treat everyone fairly.
  • Try our best and let others do the same.
  • Listen to one another.
  • Always care for the school and the things in it.

Our School Values

The school has five values that the children are asked to follow. They are: