We have a school uniform which we expect children in all years to wear every day.  Parents have a vital role to play in ensuring correct uniform is worn, including hairstyles, jewellery and make-up. We ask for your support in these matters, so as to ensure smooth starts to each school day.

Please note that we prefer children to wear black school shoes but if trainers are worn they must be completely black and very plain.  Shoes must be suitable for indoor and outdoor use and heels should be low.


Example of new Southall School uniform from September 2017


White Polo Shirt with a collar

White buttoned Shirt with a collar


Black or Grey Trousers/Skirt/Shorts/Cullottes, Black Shoes


Navy Blue Cardigan or Navy Blue V-Neck Jumper


Southall School Navy/Royal Blue stripe Velcro Tie


Please be aware that it is against school policy for students to have razored lines or patterns in their hair.  Shaved heads and overly colourful dyes are also not acceptable.



Students may wear a maximum of one small, plain stud in each ear.  A single, flat ring can be worn.  Bracelets should not be worn unless there are religious or medical reasons.  Necklaces should be concealed.  All jewellery must be removed for PE lessons for safety reasons and, therefore, it is advised that new piercings are carried out at the beginning of the summer holiday so that holes are sufficiently healed to allow for removal of the studs. Staff will not be responsible for any jewellery in school.



Subtle makeup, including clear nail varnish, may be worn in Year 11 only.  Younger students will be asked to remove makeup or nail varnish.  Products in glass containers are not allowed in school for Health and Safety reasons.



Students should not bring valuable items into school.  However, if students bring a mobile phone or music player for use on the transport, they should sign it in with their form tutor.  The school cannot be responsible for the loss of valuables unless they are signed over in this way.  We ask that phones are handed in as a precaution against cyberbullying and theft.  Students are able to access phones in the event of an emergency.


Requirements for P.E.

For reasons of hygiene we feel that your child must change into different clothes and shoes for P.E and games.  Children should wear a T-shirt and shorts.  They will need a pair of pumps or trainers.   In the colder months, students should bring a track-suit or sweatshirt and track-suit bottoms.

Deodorants or perfumes should be non-aerosol types as aerosol use increases the risk of asthma for some of our students.


Requirements for swimming

If your child’s year group accesses swimming classes, your child will require a swimming costume or swimming trunks and a towel.  Swimming aids will be provided by school.  You will be given advance notice of any scheduled swimming lessons, all of which are conducted and supervised by qualified staff.


M&S Kids Easy Dressing

We’ve created a special range of clothes adapted for children who need extra help – whether they have feeding tubes or simply need clothes that are easy to put on and super-gentle on sensitive skin – to help make dressing easier, quicker, more comfortable – and more fun!