Virtual Tours

This is a video created by our students, it aims to answer some of the questions our new starters may have about starting school


Due to the current unprecedented circumstances that schools are currently operating in unfortunately physical visits to the school setting are NOT permitted. We realise that this is a vital part of the transition process and should the current guidance change we will endeavour to arrange visits for pupils are quickly as possible.  

Pupils will shortly be receiving a letter informing them of next years class group. The class tutor will also be writing to introduce themselves. We will be updating information on this site and will be introducing staff members by video as well.  

Please rest assured we are working alongside your current teachers and settings to create as many meangful transition opportunities aas we are able to at the current time.  

What to expect – Please see our new parents evening presentation below.

Primary to Secondary Transition Offer

Southall School is committed to supporting all of our students to transition smoothly from their primary education settings through a flexible and needs responsive transition process to ensure the best possible outcomes for them in their secondary education.

It is recognised that, as a special school, the transition process can be particularly complex for our students as their individual needs can vary widely. We therefore offer a comprehensive transition provision which can be seen in three levels:

a. Universal – provision in place for all pupils transitioning to Southall

b. Targeted – additional provision provided by the school for to meet individual pupils’ specific needs

c. Specialist – specialist provision provided by the school which may include the involvement of specialist professional.

Transition provision is personalised in response to each pupil’s individual needs as identified in their Education and Health Care Plans, observations and discussions with professionals and family members. This process begins at least a year before our year 7 students join us.

For Post 16 please click here for the Virtual Even.