Students’ work, letters and activities

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Prime minister letter Symbolised 30th June 2020

Prime minister letter 30th June 2020

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Prime minister letter symbolised 26/5/2020

Prime minister letter 26/5/2020

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Prime minister letter symbolised

Prime minister letter

Maggies work – 11th May

Alex’s work shown below

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Helping Wildlife in Our Garden

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Please can you add the following: The caterpillars are all on the lid and were doing lots of shaking earlier. I think they are all getting ready to turn into a chrysalis!

The caterpillars are still around 4cm long and are spending quite a lot of time crawling up to the lid. They are practising hanging from the lid, ready for when they become chrysalises (cocoons). Isn’t it amazing how much they have grown since day 1!

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Roman’s By Jay

Roman’s By conner bowhay

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Our Great Grandfather’s WW2 War Medals

04-05-2020 Southall Prime Minister Letter

04-05-2020 Southall Prime Minister Letter Symbolised Letter

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John Muir Home Working

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27-04-20 Symbol Letter from school prime minister

27-04-20 Letter from school prime minister

20-04-2020 Symbolised Letter From Southall School Prime Minister 20-04-2020

20-04-2020 Southall Prime Minister Letter