Southall Parliament



  • Southall School Parliament meets every two weeks on our own House of Commons with our own Speaker  
  • The Prime Minister was voted for by a democratic whole school vote  
  • Every class has a representative in Parliament  
  • Each representative has their own Minister role based upon interest 


Prime Minster    

In charge of the Parliament take ideas brought to parliament to Mrs Martin – the Queen of Southall, if Mrs Martin signs off new laws then she does this in assembly by signing a document


Minister for Technology     

Reports to Parliament on any e-safety concerns and links with E- Cadets – Computing Lead Teacher


Minister for Money    

Reports to Parliament on anything related to money – talks proposals to Business manager


Minister for Health   

Meets with school nurse and reports to Parliament about ideas about improving health – helps to lead Healthy Eating Status working party


Minister for the Environment  

Reports to Parliament on school energy efficiency matters and how to improve the energy efficiency – helps to leads Eco Club to get Eco School status


Minister for Defence   

Reports to Parliament about bullying – works directly with Play Pals, works with Nurture staff


Minister for Charity   

Reports to Parliament on charity events works with PSHE Lead


Minister for Community    

Reports to Parliament about how we are improving our community links


Minister for Sport   

Reports to the Parliament on any sporting events – lead on Be Fit week – works with PE department


Minister for Family   

Reports to the Parliament about any PTA events or events to get parents involved in school works with Pastoral Care


Minister for Culture   

Reports to the Parliament about any cultural events happening in school works with Performing Arts teacher


Minister for Transport  

Reports to the Parliament about any trips and matters with school mini bus


Minister for Premises Development    

Reports to the Parliament about any develops to the school building works with care taker


Minister for Teaching & Learning    

Reports to the Parliament about anything about lessons that are held in school works with the Deputy Head