School Meals

School Meals

Students may take a lunch in one of two ways. The most popular is to take a school lunch; the meals are always designed to offer a healthy and balanced meal, with salad, fruit and a vegetarian option available. As the food is cooked on-site we can provide for a range of special diets on request.  Please contact the school office for information, or a copy of the menu.

Lunch in the hall is supervised by teaching and support staff.  Students sit in friendship groups within two separate sittings for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. A smaller supervised lunch area is available for those students who prefer a less busy environment.

Alternatively, students may bring their own lunch to eat.  Please ensure you provide a well-balanced lunch box, which rarely contain crisps, sweets or chocolates. Fizzy drinks are not allowed.  If you would like us to support your child to try a more varied diet, please let us know.

To see what week we are on for School meals please click here.

School Meals are £2.70

 School Meal Menu