Parents and Carers

Working Together

We believe that students are always more successful when parents/carers and staff work together in their best interest.  We ask parents and carers to support the school by showing an interest in their child’s work and social development and ensuring that homework is completed carefully.

The Government requires that all schools provide a Home School Agreement and invite parents, carers, and pupils at the school to sign it.  A copy will be sent to you shortly after your child has started at Southall or alternatively you can view and print off this document from the Home School Agreement page on the school website.

The school operates a no smoking policy in line with guidance from Telford and Wrekin council.  We ask parents not to smoke on the school premises.  We are also a ‘no phones’ site and ask that when on school grounds, mobile phones are not used.

We are fortunate to have a range of experienced staff at Southall School, who are able to provide advice and support on a whole range of issues.  Please contact us if you need any support in managing your child’s needs. We also liaise very closely with key professionals who may also be able to support you and your family.

We have close working relationships with a range of external professionals including Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, BeeU, Education Welfare Officer, Travel Training, and the school Nurse.  If you would like to discuss your child’s needs in relation to any of these areas, please contact Emma Simkins – Assistant Headteacher.

We have an open-door policy at Southall, so if you have any concerns about your child’s progress or any other issues, please contact us immediately and we will do our very best to ensure someone is available to speak to you as soon as possible.

Informing you about your child’s progress

There are four points of formal feedback:

  1. EHCP Annual Review

During the meeting, parents, the pupil, and a range of appropriate professionals (where applicable) meet to review the provision stated in the document, academic progress, and progress against EHCP targets. It is during this meeting that any changes are discussed, parental / pupil views are captured and considered, and targets are set for the next 12 months.

  • Parent/tutor Consultation Evening – Tutor Team

This is a meeting held in autumn term and is an opportunity for parents / carers to meet with tutors.  This is an excellent opportunity to discuss how the pupil has settled into the school year.

  • Parent/tutor Consultation Evening – Curricular

This meeting is an opportunity for parents and carers to meet with staff who teach their child across the curriculum.

  • An End of Year Report

This is a written report which summarises your child’s progress in all the National Curriculum Subjects; it is completed towards the end of the summer term.

Please note that parents are welcome to request additional meetings or conversations at any point in the year. This is actively encouraged as we feel that sharing information between parents / carers and school is crucial in support our pupils in school.