Holiday dates


Autumn Term 2017


Autumn Term 2018

PD Day:  Friday, 1st September PD Days: Monday 3rd September and Tuesday 4th September
Term:  Monday, 4th September – Friday, 20th October Term: Wednesday 5th September – Friday 26th October
Holiday:  Monday, 23rd October – Friday, 27th October Holiday: Monday 29th October – Friday 2nd November
Term:  Monday, 30th October – Friday, 15th December Term: Monday 5th November – Friday 21st December
Holiday:  Monday, 18th December – Monday, 1st January Holidays: Monday 24th December – Friday 4th January

Spring Term 2018


Spring Term 2019

PD Day:  Tuesday, 2nd January Term: Monday 7th January – Friday 15thFebruary
Term:  Wednesday, 3rd January – Friday, 16th February   Holidays: Monday 18th February – Friday 22nd February
Holiday:  Monday, 19th February – Friday, 23rd February Term: Monday 25th February – Friday 12th April
Term:  Monday, 26th February – Thursday, 29th March Holidays: Monday 15th April – Friday 26thApril
Holiday:   Friday, 30th March – Friday, 13th April

Summer Term 2018


Summer term 2019

PD Day:  Monday, 16th April PD Days: Monday 29th April
Term:  Tuesday, 17th April to Friday, 25thMay Term: Tuesday 30thth April – Friday 24thMay : Bank Holiday: Monday 6th May
Bank Holiday:   Monday, 7th May Holidays: Monday 27th May – Friday 31stMay
Holiday:  Monday, 28th May – Friday, 1stJune Term: Monday 3rd June – Thursday 18thJuly
Term:  Monday, 4th June – Friday, 20thJuly PD Day: Friday 19th July
PD Days:  Monday 23rd July and Tuesday 24th July
Holiday: Wednesday 25th July –  Friday 31st August