Early Help

Southall School is committed to supporting the pupils and their families within our school community.

We believe that by working together, we can ensure that the appropriate support can be put in place at the appropriate times. This is part of Southall School’s early help offer.

If you or your child need support, you can contact Southall School and ask to speak to the Pastoral Lead or Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Southall School has its’ own internal Early Help Provision. This provision includes:

· Support with school uniform through the PTA

· Support with behaviour strategies and regulation through the wellbeing team

· Support with emotional literacy through the nurture provision

Southall School can also support families in accessing Early Help provision outside of the school community. Southall School can support parents/carers contacting agencies who can further support families. The services available within the local area can be found here:

SEND – Local offer (telfordsend.org.uk)

Empathy for special children | Autism | Shropshire, UK