Careers Programme

Southall School is committed to ensuring all pupils are exposed to a wide range of businesses, careers advisors, colleges and work-related learning, to facilitate their independence in school and secure their future destinations. Southall School enables this through ensuring the school meets the Gatsby Benchmarks.

The Gatsby Benchmarks


College and training provider visits and taster sessions through assemblies and the college links programme

Employer encounters in assemblies, work experience, and KS3 work experience days

Work experience week for year 11 pupils

Careers lessons for years 7-11

Future Focus adviser on school site once a week

Options event


Employer encounters in assemblies, work experience in year 11, and KS3 work experience days

Local Labour Market Information

Resources online, books and displays

Options event


Support and sessions with the Future Focus adviser

Careers lessons for years 7-11

Links with local organisations

Transition handover meetings with colleges/post 16 providers

Options programme


Embedding life skills into the whole school curriculum

Employer visits and guest speakers in assemblies, KS3 work experience day, educational visits and work experience for year 11

Transition event

Books and Posters in careers classroom

Options event


Volunteering/work experience for year 11

Visits from and to employers as part of assemblies, KS3 work experience day, as part of educational visits and year 11 work experience

Transition events


Educational visits

Work experience week in year 11

Guest speakers in assemblies

KS3 work experience day


Visits to future providers

Careers lessons

Guest speakers in assemblies

Taster sessions


Regular individual, impartial careers guidance from Future Focus from year 9

Careers lessons

Supported transition visits to work placements and/or further education providers

Support with Applications, CV’s and interviews

As a school, the following have been implemented to achieve the careers vision and support the Gatsby Benchmarks:

  • KS3 careers lessons included in the curriculum from September 2018
  • Internships at the Premier Inn, Acton Scott Working Farm, Southall School IT department
  • College links – taster sessions at Rodbaston, Walford, Telford, Shrewsbury, Arthog and Derwen Oswestry, and then a rotation at Rodbaston, Walford and Telford
  • Careers and College evening – held annually
  • Assemblies – colleges, businesses and advisors deliver assemblies to KS4
  • Work experience week in Year 11
  • Jobs programme in Southall School – accessible to all pupils
  • Future Focus Advisor, Lawrence Bearne, on school site to offer guidance to pupils
  • Bespoke programmes created to ensure pupils do not become NEETs

KS3 Curriculum:

Southall School recognises that it is important to support pupils work related skills as early as possible. In KS3 pupils access a careers lesson once a week to enable them to recognise and develop their work related skills.

The curriculum also enables pupils to access links to different businesses and speakers related to the world of work.


Southall School, has developed its links with businesses to enable an internship programme for KS4 pupils.

The school has had links with the Premier Inn. This link enabled 2 pupils in a Spring Term and 5 pupils in a Summer Term, to access an internship once a week between 10am and 2pm. Pupils developed their work-related skills in areas such as housekeeping, front of house and catering.

College Links:

Our college link programme enables students to make an informed choice on their post 16 provision.

Taster sessions include (Please click on the name of the locations to take you to there website):

Walford College – Animal Care

Telford College – Catering

Shrewsbury College 

Rodbaston – Motor Vehicle

Derwen Oswestry

Pupils take part in College activities on a Wednesday afternoon and receive accredited career progression lessons, delivered by Southall staff throughout the morning. All students also attend Arthog Outreach Centre in Wellington, taking part in outdoor, confidence and team building activities. Groups swap every 11 weeks, enabling all students to participate and benefit from the full transition experience.

Independent Travel Training:

All young people are entitled to the greatest degree of independence possible for them. Some young people need extra support in learning the skills necessary to travel independently. The ability to do these things helps young people to begin to make the most of their opportunities for education, work and recreation. Independent travel training is carried out by Julie Williams our Telford and Wrekin Independent Travel Adviser. Students are supported in learning to use public transport and developing the necessary skills for safer independent travel.

Careers and College Evening:

Working with Future Focus, Southall hosts an annual ‘Transition Evening.’ Year 9, 10 and 11 students and their parent/carers are invited to attend. This is a drop in event and is an opportunity to talk to Post 16 Education and Training Providers who assemble under one roof for the evening. It is also a chance to meet those who can provide support, information and guidance about moving on from school. Organisations that can support young adults into work after they have completed a college course and/or training also attend.

It is an excellent opportunity to find out information to support transition, including details about transport, benefits and supported leisure activities in the area.


Pupils in KS4 attend weekly assemblies led by guest speakers from colleges, businesses and representatives within the local community.

Work Experience:

Work experience is offered to all year 11 students at Southall. Students spend one week on an independent placement. It allows pupils to put into practice the knowledge, skills and understanding that they have learnt in the classroom.

World of Work Week:

Students have the opportunity to visit different employers and businesses accompanied by Southall staff. World of Work Week is our alternative offer to independent placements and is in place for those students who might find work experience too challenging.

Jobs programme:

Southall School have developed a jobs programme in school to enable all pupils in KS3 and KS4 to develop their work – related skills.

These jobs involve:

  • Delivering dinner registers
  • Supporting the office in delivering messages, sorting the stationary cupboard
  • Changing the visual timetables in classrooms
  • Prefect and break time buddy system

Future Focus:

Southall School recognizes the importance of providing careers and college guidance and support to our pupils. To ensure that pupils receive comprehensive information about careers and colleges post Southall, there is a Future Focus representative, Lawrence Bearne, who is based on the school site once a week. This enables all pupils to access Future Focus for information, as well as all have an individual meeting to discuss their aspirations, as well as support their pathway post Southall.

Bespoke Programmes:

At Southall School, we recognize that a ‘one fit for all’ curriculum does not meet all pupils’ needs. Therefore, bespoke programmes have been developed to ensure that all pupils can access different resources and information to help inform their choices for their future pathways. These bespoke programmes include WVTC.

Careers Lead:

Emma Simkins
Assistant Head Teacher
01952 387600

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