eSafety – parents

eSafety – parents

At Southall School the health, safety and welfare of our pupils is at the heart of everything we do.

We have extensive security measures in place, which are monitored by both the school and the Local Authority, to protect our pupils from potential danger or accessing unsuitable material online.

Safe use of the internet is important for all children and young people and at Southall we ensure that pupils’ use of the internet is supported by a member of staff and e-safety education forms part of our curriculum.

Pupils take part in a variety of activities suitable to their needs so that they can go to exciting places online safely.

Technology is constantly changing and is a pivotal part of life. We feel that it is essential not only to show the pupils how to safeguard themselves whilst using this fantastic learning resource but also to work with parents.

Parents can help by ensuring that pupils are not accessing inappropriate material at home by way of filters and parental controls. One way of doing this is to use parental control software.

Leaflets and Information

April 2021

Parental Controls to limit Content for Android

Parental Controls to Limit Content for iPhone

December 2020

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July 2020

Call of Duty safeguarding guide

June 2020

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May 2020

Facebook Messenger

Beam Phone Based Support

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January 2020

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December 2018 

TWSCB-Online Game Briefing Note 2: 3am Challenge

November 2018 

Beam – how to find us & how it looks


Beam Service information

Christmas opening 2018

Shropshire sleepover leaflet

TWSCB – Fortnite briefing note November 2018

Websites provide a variety of information for parents.

Action for Children

Think u Know


Childnet International

Internet Matters



Vodafone Digital Parenting

TWSCB (Telford & Wrekin Safeguarding Children Board) Online Safety Briefing:

How to guides 

It can seem difficult to keep up-to-date with the technology that children use. You can find out much more information and support about digital technologies here:

Qustodio Safety for Parents